» February 18, 2011 - Harrington College of Canada
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February 18, 2011

From the Desk of Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster                                   February 18, 2011

Greetings from the Staff of College Harrington du Canada,

Last week was quite the week at Harrington! The 14 game schedule created one of the most demanding weeks, of the season. Busses to schedule, jerseys to wash, tactics to prepare, and 100 other little things to do, kept everyone busy and the teams ready. Now, we are back on a lighter program, which allows our student athletes to “recharge their hockey batteries” and to focus, on their studies. But, if someone thought that it would be a week of rest, they are in the wrong school.

This week will allow students to make up past due work, finish pending projects, and to write postponed tests. There is never a dull moment at Harrington.

Oka Campus in February
Oka Campus in February

Learning to deal with this intense program teaches our young students to set goals and priorities, and to successfully manage them in order to complete their tasks and to reach their goals. Many of our senior students have learned these skills already and are able to juggle both the athletic and the academic schedule without problem. Sometimes, they even find time to mentor and tutor their younger colleagues.

The first couple of weeks of the new semester are now behind us and the teachers have a clear picture of where the students stand and where the challenges are.

To insure that very early in the semester all students keep up with the pace of the class, all teachers and many staff members are tutoring all students, in need of additional support, as well as any other student, who asks for a little extra help.

These tutor classes are mandatory and are scheduled mainly in the afternoon. Occasionally these sessions will be scheduled for early evenings to fit the student’s schedule.

Please talk to your child and make sure he/she knows where their tutoring classes are taking place. (Please see schedule below!). Encourage them to attend scheduled and mandatory classes and to perhaps ask for additional tutoring to be scheduled if they would like assistance with any subject area.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

·Spring Break: April 8 to 25 (Schools starts on Tuesday, April 26)

·The CEGEP semester ends with a weekend-tournament: May 28-29
·First day of the summer holidays: Monday, May 30

·The High School semester ends: Friday, June 17




Schedule for the Week

Fri. Feb. 18th 18h30:  HCC Bt AA vs National at St-Michel arena bus depart: 16h00

Fri. Feb. 18th 19h30:  Sorel-Tracy vs HCC Coll. AAA at CESR 1 bus depart: 17h00

Sat. Feb. 19th 13h30:  HCC Bt AA vs Royal at Desmarteaux 2 bus depart: 11h00

Sat. Feb. 19th 14h00:  HCC Mt AA vs Ducs at Léo Crépin arena bus depart: 11h30

Sun. Feb. 20th 12h30: Alma vs HCC Coll. AAA at CESR 1 bus depart: 10h00

Tutoring Schedule

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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