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January 18, 2011

From the Desk of Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster                       Janaury 18, 2011

Greetings from the Staff of College Harrington du Canada,

This winter at Harrington is milder than some. The weather is frigid with temperatures remaining well below the zero mark, but the actual snowfall amounts are below our average normal amount for this time of year. The students don’t seem to mind, and actually enjoy the snowfall. Our Bantam BB team had an opportunity to enjoy some of the Quebec great outdoors this past weekend. Eric and Raymonde Hoskings, parents of Will Hoskings, invited the entire team to visit their summer cottage at the Lake.

Jake Malezis

In the summer season, residents enjoy water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding and of course fishing. In the winter, the lake community transforms into a winter paradise. The lake becomes frozen and snow covers the rooftops and trees.

At 9am the students left Harrington for a day on the ice. This time it wasn’t a beautiful sheet of ice at the Centre of Excellence, but a frozen “pond” that would require a lot of work to prepare the surface for a game of 4 on 4! More pictures click here.

Mrs. Hoskings says “the day dawned with a beautiful sun cresting the horizon and lighting all the ridges in the snow on the lake.  The snow bank on the west side of the rink was highlighted by the reflection of this sunshine.  The temperature was a bracing -15C and I had to use the hair dryer to thaw the lock on the garage door to get the snow throwers, big shovel and pucks.

Mid morning, -4C, saw tremendous industry as the shovels and the electric snow throwers were turned loose on the lake.

Not one, but two rinks were eventually cleared off to allow simultaneous games of 4 on 4 hockey that included kids, dads and one sister.”

Many parents provided transportation to and from the school, prepared a feast for the boys for lunch, and even participated with the ice preparation and game play. More than food and exercise, these parents provided a special day for the boys that I am sure will remain in their memories forever. This is “pond hockey” in its truest form and I think the boys would agree that this is Canada at its best!

This is the final week before high school exams. The teachers are preparing and reviewing with the students and everyone should be planning for the weekend. Extra study time is necessary this weekend to review the information and to insure great results. Encourage students to set time aside this weekend to review each subject and to spend adequate time for study.

The game schedule for the week ahead includes 8 games and 2 extra practices. Check out the schedule and see if you could meet us at the rink to help cheer our Icebergs to victory.



Bjorn Kinding

This Week’s Hockey Schedule

Tue. Jan.18th: 21h00 HCC Mt BB vs Lasalle at Lachute Tournament bus depart: 18h00

Wed. Jan. 19th: 14h30 LBPHS vs HCC GMAA at CESR 2 bus depart: 13h30

Wed. Jan. 19th: 19h00 Pionniers vs HCC Mt AA at Guy Scott Chateauguay depart: 16h00

Fri. Jan. 21st: 15h00 HCC GMAA vs Centennial at Cynthia Gaul bus depart: 12h00

Fri. Jan. 21st: 19h30 Lionel-Grouls vs HCC Coll AAA at CESR 1 bus depart: 17h00

Sat. Jan. 22nd: 14h30 HCC Coll AAA vs St-Lawrence at Ancienne-Lorette depart: 8h30

Sat. Jan. 22nd: 20h00 Senateurs vs HCC Bt AA at CESR 2  bus depart: 18h00

Sat. Jan. 22nd: 20h15 HCC Mt AA vs Nepean at Kim St-Pierre bus depart: 17h30

Sun. Jan. 23rd: 14h00 Bantam BB practice

Sun. Jan. 23rd: 15h30 Bantam AA practice

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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