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October 19 2010

From the Desk of Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster                      October 19, 2010

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster

So, today the focus at College Harrington du Canada is not on the fall beauty surrounding the college, but the stunning good looks of the students as they work their way through the hallways to class. What a difference the formal dress code makes! Today our school is filled with young well-dressed students in proper school attire.

The “keep-our-school-clean program” is starting to show results. The team leaders and their teammates have really stepped up and are doing a good job so far. Leadership and responsibility is part of the ongoing commitment at our school, on and off the ice. Please remind your students to participate in the “keep it clean program” and to self police their own rooms and hallways. Remember the TEAM concept: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Monday, all teachers took on the role as students and took a class in how to use our new web-based communication and administration site. The plan is to have it up and running this week, and when everything works, the students, parents, and staff should have instant access to the latest up-date information on attendance, homework, test results, schedules, and more. So log on today, http://harringtoncollege.ca/student-life/loginand try it out.

This week’s featured staff member is Mr. Neamodeen Hosein, the HCC Kitchen Manager

Kitchen Manager / Head Chef

and head chef, Mr. Hosein “Nonnie” as everyone at the college calls him, keeps an organized kitchen and he does it with lot of passion. He makes sure that everyone is happy and healthy, and has enough fuel in the tank to get through a hard day’s work of hockey and studies. Serving a crowd of teenagers from many different cultures is no easy task, but he is continually working with the students to determine the likes and dislikes of all of our students. Nonnie carefully plans the daily and weekly menus for the students and takes great pride in the quality, quantity, and variety of the meals.

Mr. Hosein grew up on an island in Trinidad and Tobago, where he acquired an interest in cooking and began taking cooking classes at an early age. When he was 19 years old, he and his family moved to Montreal. In his luggage, the young “Nonnie” brought his knowledge of the Caribbean cuisine and an eagerness to learn everything about all other types of cuisines. He worked hard in cooking school, and graduated at the top of his class.

Mr. Hosein and his lovely wife, Neesha, have been happily married for 22 years. Together they have one daughter, Nadira (20) and one son, Reyhan (17), who are both attending college. Nadira enjoys reading, dancing and yoga and is currently majoring in Psychology. After graduating from University, she would like to work as a social worker, helping troubled youth.

The family enjoys travelling, camping, and all kinds of sports.

More Pictures of Neamodeen Hosein, Click Here

“We’ve always camped as a family, places like, Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Niagara Falls, ON, Mont Tremblant, QC, Lake George, NY, and the Thousand Islands, ON.” They have also camped in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and many other of North America’s treasures.

The pictures below are from the family’s visit to the Big Apple and from some of their favourite camping trips.

Even though cricket is really his cup of tea and joggling a soccer ball is a piece of cake for him, dishing off a puck has proven to be a little trickier. Lately, though, Mr. Hosein’s appetite for hockey has grown, and, although, “icing” is still something he primarily would put on a cake, he is frequently seen at the rink enjoying Ice Berg hockey.

The Hosein family also has a strong spiritual life and is involved in many charitable events. Culturally, Mr. Hosein is a huge jazz lover and a great fan of the stars from the golden jazz age. Louis Armstrong, Billy Holliday, and Duke Ellington are filling several gigabytes on Mr. Hosein’s iPod. Occasionally, he even plays the loud Indian phulac drum himself.

Please check your Harrington calendar for upcoming events. I will be sharing more about the Parents weekend in November in the next newsletter.

As always, come and cheer the Harrington Hockey Teams this weekend.

Game schedule

Fri. Oct 22nd:  19h00 St-Jérome vs. HCC Bt BB at CESR 1 bus depart: 17h00

Fri. Oct 22nd:  20h30 Delta vs. HCC Mt BB at CESR 1 bus depart:  18h30

Sat. Oct 23rd:  19h00 HCC Coll AAA vs. Alma at Mario Tremblay   bus depart: 6h30

Sat. Oct 23rd:  12h00 HCC Mt AA vs. Pionniers at Guimond bus depart: 9h30

Sat. Oct 23rd:  20h00 Pionniers vs. HCC Bt AA at CESR 2  bus depart: 18h00

Sun. Oct 24th:  13h00  HCC Coll AAA vs. St-Lawrence at Ancienne Lorette complex

Sun. Oct 24th:  13h00  HCC Mt AA vs. National  at Georges Mantha  bus depart: 10h30

Sun. Oct 24th:  14h00  Mirabel vs. HCC Bt BB at CESR 2  bus depart: 12h00

Sun. Oct 24th:  15h30  Cobras vs. HCC Mt BB at CESR 2  bus depart: 13h30


Bjorn Kinding,
Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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