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October 5 2010

October 5, 2010

NewspaperGreetings from the Harrington Staff,

October has arrived at College Harrington du Canada, and Mother Nature is showing her true autumn colours.

The Oka National Park looks like a forest fire with all of the red, gold, and orange leaves, shimmering in the light.  As the sunshine reflects those beautiful colours onto our building, the majestic landscape of College Harrington du Canada is more stunning than ever.

Some of our “feathered neighbours” are getting ready for their long flight to warmer climates, while most of the 250 species nesting in the park, are doing, what we are doing, preparing for a long and successful winter season.

Last weekend’s games showed a solid victory by the Bantams and an exciting come-from-behind win by the College Team, who tied their game in the last seconds and scored the winning goal in a shoot-out.
Despite hard work in all games, the opponents proved to be too strong for the school as a whole to achieve the 60 winning percentage, coach Daoust set as a goal. The good surprise he promised will have to wait another week.

Already this weekend the 60% might happen. The Ice Bergs will play a total of eight games, so let’s see if Mr. Phillips, our Math teacher, will accept 4 wins and a tie to equal 60%?

This week our Teacher Feature is Mr. Shea Phillips, who joined the Harrington teaching staff this year, and

Shea Phillips
has already made a positive impact on campus and won the trust and respect from his colleagues and students. Besides his professional interest in Physics and Math, Mr. Phillips is also a vivid outdoor enthusiast, who’s strongly committed to the protection of our environment.  While in California, Shane’s environmental commitment propelled him to produce the fuel for his own car by recycling used vegetable oil from local Chinese restaurants! Although he was doing his part to reduce air pollution, his car smelled like a travelling bowl of wonton soup!

In his outdoor life, Mr. Phillips is a passionate rock-climber, who’s been rock-climbing all over the continent, and one trip even took him to the great heights of the Andes. His work and studies have also taken him to exciting places, such as Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, California, and Florida, and now he’s enjoying the natural beauty of Quebec.

It is however, another kind of natural beauty that attracted him to the Montreal region. Isabelle, his fiancée, is from Lasarre, QC. We all welcome Mr. Phillips to our school and we look forward to many productive and educational years of working together.

More Pictures of Shea Phillips

Every two weeks our teaching staff makes an internal progress/regress report for all of our students. In many cases it’s encouraging to see the good results the students are producing, and frankly that is what we expect from everyone. In 11% of the cases, our expectations were not met. Therefore, we would like to set up a telephone meeting with the parents of those students to discuss the outcome and prepare a strategic plan for the following weeks. If you don’t hear from us during this week, you belong to the 89% where “no news equals good news”, an equation I’m sure even Mr. Phillips would agree with.

As always, join us at the rink for another exciting week of “Harrington Hockey!”

This week’s game schedule

Fri. Oct 8th 18h30: HCC Bt AA vs Conquérants Est at Lachenaie 2 arena bus depart: 16h00
Fri. Oct 8th 19h30: St-Laurent vs HCC Coll. AAA at Center of Excellence bus depart: 17h00
Fri. Oct 8th 20h00: HCC Bt BB vs Monteuil at Mike Bossy arena  bus depart: 18h00

Sat. Oct 9th 20h00: Selects 2 vs HCC Bt AA at Center of Excellence 2  bus depart: 18h00

Sun. Oct 10th 14h00: Patriotes vs HCC Mt AA at Center of Excellence 2 bus depart: 12h00
Sun. Oct 10th 16h15: HCC Mt BB vs St-Eustache at Florian Guindon  bus depart: 14h00
Sun. Oct 10th 16h00: Coll AAA practice at CESR 2   bus depart: 15h15
Sun. Oct 10th 17h15: Bt AA and Bt BB practice at CESR 2  bus depart: 16h15


Bjorn Kinding

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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