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Harrington College Online

The internet has changed how the world communicates, accesses information and socializes. HCC has been a world leader in delivering a specialized education to athletes from across the globe. HCC welcomes the opportunity to be at the forefront of change in the formating of traditional high school education. A traditional high school setting brings students together from a local area and assembles them in a traditional physical class room with one resource; a teacher. HCC Online brings students from all over the world into a virtual space that offers access to a wealth of teachers, tutors, lecturers, information, resourses, tools and discussions. The HCC school vision is rooted in refreshing realism, incomparable academic standards, the full personal and social development of each student as well as a broad international composition. It is our moral responsibility to ensure that a rigorous and challenging curriculum, taught by experienced professionals is delivered with care and an understanding that all students are unique in their quest to find relevance in their academic studies. At Harrington College of Canada we believe that “learning how to learn” is the key to educational success. Integrity, responsibility, self-reliance, the pursuit of excellence and commitment to community are essential skill sets for life and these are what we foster everyday.

The learning environments web-based intelligent tutoring system utilizes the latest technology to dynamically adapt the learning content to each learner’s existing knowledge, preferred cadence, learning style, and skill gaps.

  • HCC Online promotes student inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills, international-mindedness and accommodates a range of learning needs and styles. It empowers and encourages students to engage in lifelong learning, cultivate their responsibility towards others, the environment, and the sensitivity to recognize and reflect multiple perspectives.
  • In virtual and real-time environments, the students are afforded opportunities to design and conduct seminars, video conference, collaborate and work on projects with experts and enabled acquire skills required for action driven learning.
  • HCC Online employs master teachers, appropriately qualified and trained to teach in a Synchronous environment in accordance with the highest standards, who are supported through appropriate administrative systems, staffing and resources. Master teachers also include field experts to bring a sense of validity to the curriculum.
  • HCC Online utilizes a software platform enabling students, teachers, mentors, tutors, leading experts and professionals from around the globe, to interact and share knowledge