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Summer Hockey Camp

Hockey Camp

is a high intensity hockey training academy that takes place each year in July.  Each year student athletes from all across Canada, the U.S. and from destinations like Austria, Norway, Germany, Russia, and many other countries, descend on the beautiful campus of College Harrington du Canada in Oka, Quebec.

Harrington Summer Hockey Camp

Each hockey athlete is able to take advantage of the high impact on ice training that includes 3 hours of ice each day, 1 1/2 hours of off-ice strength and conditioning daily, for a well rounded fitness and ice experience.

Our professional coaching staff will guide athletes through a focused training program that will allow the strength and conditioning off- ice workouts and the on ice instruction to really improve their hockey skills.

Youth attending the hockey school will be challenged daily with 3 hour of ice time, intensive dry-land conditioning, power skating, passing, shooting, off-ice training techniques and video analysis. Other features of the camp include lectures on nutrition, injury prevention, equipment maintenance and perspectives from Harrington Iceberg Staff.

Harrington Summer Hockey Camp

At the Harrington Hockey Camp each student will enjoy an on ice experience with position specific drills and scrimmages that will further develop their level of play.

Each student will also benefit from the social experience of the camp with daily activities to enhance the overall camp experience.

Registration/Check In:

Sunday 2-4pm @ College Harrington du Canada Campus

Check Out:

Friday 3-5 pm @College Harrington du Canada Campus

(Immediately following scrimmage game at the Ice Arena)

Included:  Full Board/Sunday 2pm-Friday 4pm

  • All Meals and Snacks
  • 3 Hours of Ice Daily
  • 1 ½ Hours of Strength _ Conditioning Daily
  • Power Skating Instruction
  • Position Specific Drills
  • Lecture Series
  • Video Sessions w/Replay
  • Skill Assessment and Player Evaluation
  • Summer Recreational Activities
  • Evening Activities

offers “Day Only Option” for Non Boarding Camp Athletes @ $450 per session.  Monday –Friday: 4pm Pick Up Required.

Harrington Summer Hockey Camp

  • Camp Director / John Keightley
  • Student Services Director / Pat Haney
  • Hockey Director / Martin Daoust
  • Head Coach / Gabriel Hamelin
  • Head Coach / Pat Haney
  • Head Coach / Eric Lecompte

Registration Fees and Check-In

  • Your camp registration fee should be paid in full at the time of registration and sent with your camp application.
  • If for some reason the player must cancel, after having been accepted, please let us know with a note or call.  HCC will refund camp fees for medical reasons only and will require a Doctors notice prior to the start of camp.  A $75 Administration Fee is nonrefundable.
  • Weekend Housing (weekend before camp begins or after camp ends) is available if more than one session is attended.
  • Completed medical form (print from web site) must be turned in to the trainer. The trainer will review all specific medical problems at this time. All medication should be turned into the trainer at check-in.

What to Bring to Summer Hockey Camp

A) Hockey Equipment

Each player is responsible for providing and properly wearing a complete hockey outfit. Be sure you have the following and each piece is clearly marked with your name:

(Goalies obviously need full goalie equipment).

Helmet with legal mask , Skates, Shoulder Pads, Mouthpiece, Hockey Pants, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads, Hockey Sticks, Hockey Socks, Hockey Tape, Cup/Supporter, Garter Belt, Hockey Gloves, Sweat Pants, 2 Towels for Showering at the Rink, 2 Sets of Undergarments for the Ice.

Remember to check your skates to make sure they fit.

B) Dorm Life

  • Blankets, towels, and washcloths
  • Casual clothes, sneakers
  • Swimming attire, baseball glove, etc.
  • Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
  • Change of undergarments _ laundry bag.
  • An electric fan, radio, etc.
  • If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair.
  • Optional water bottle for dry land training.

Please label all items, including clothing, personal hygiene items, linens, etc.  This will assure that all items are found prior to check out. Vending – There are well stocked vending machines in the dormitory. The amount of money each player should have for this is up to each family. Please do not send excessive amounts of cash, as students are responsible for their own valuables.

Please DO NOT Bring

  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, game boys, PS2s, PDAs, I-pods, computers, etc.
  • All electronics are the responsibility of the student and are prohibited due to the inability to properly monitor their use.
  • Any valuables…HCC is not responsible for losses.
  • Extra hockey jerseys . . . we supply the jersey for the week.
  • Chewing tobacco, other tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, fireworks, lighters, etc – is an immediate trip home.
  • Propane torches or heat guns.
  • A portable air conditioner.
  • Any movies / DVDs that are not age appropriate.
  • Rollerblades or skateboards

Check-out Procedure

  • Each player plays a final regulation game on Friday.  A take home packet will be presented to each athlete.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the “final game.”
  • Time Assignments for Final Games will be posted at the time of arrival to camp.
  • The check-out procedure is as follows:
  • Parents watch the final game and the packet presentations at the arena.
  • Camp VIP and Most Improved awards will be presented at this time.
  • Drive to the dormitory @ HCC Campus and check out.  All dorm check-outs must be done after the game . . . please.
  • Any lost keys will be paid for ($15.00) at this time.
  • Any extraordinary damages must also be paid for.

Please bring a positive attitude, the willingness to get along with others, and the will to compete in a fun and competitive environment with new teammates.  We look forward to having you at our summer camp.


John Keightley, Camp Coordinator


School, Arena and Hotels


College Harrington du Canada

1600 Chemin d’ Oka

Oka, QC  Canada  JON 1EO

Hockey Arena

Patinoire de Deux-Montagnes

2602 boul. des Promenades

Deux-Montagnes, QC J7R6L2

(450) 472-6202

Recommended Hotels Close to the HCC Campus and/or Centre of Excellence Arena:

GÎTE LE SECRET  Bed _ Breakfast

51, ch. des Ostryers, Oka

Québec, Canada, J0N 1E0

(Approximately 5 minutes drive to the Harrington Campus)


The Imperia Hotel and Suites

570 Rue Dubois

St. Eustache, QC  J7P 0B3


(Located between the arena and the HCC Campus)


Sheraton Laval Hotel

2440 Autoroute des Laurentides

Laval, QC H7T 1X5

(450) 687-2440


(Located convenient to the Carefour Laval Shopping Mall.  Approximately 15 minutes to the Arena and 25 minutes to the HCC Campus. Great if you are coming early to the area and have time to shop/dine.)

For more information or to register please contact: John Keightley