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Pond Hockey

Back to Basics

Players need the time to develop individual skills in order to have a long and successful career in the game of hockey.

Systems work for a team but not for the player. Few scouts will choose a player because his team won.


Peak in Your Twenties Not in Peewee

Hockey skills take from childhood to adulthood to acquire, while team systems can be taught on the board in a matter of moments.

Minor hockey today doesn’t give players enough opportunity to develop their skills. Players practice more team systems than power skating and puck control. These skills, not systems, are what lead to creativity and ingenuity on the ice.

“Twenty and thirty years ago players could overcome the routine type of practice [team systems] by developing their skills on the pond or the outdoor rink. Outdoor rinks would be crowded with kids of all ages developing and honing their skills while playing the game and having fun. No adults to organize and criticize. No whistles, no talk, no overzealous parents screaming from the stands.”
- Paul Willett