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March 18, 2011

From the Desk of Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster                                   March 18, 2011

Greetings from the Staff of College Harrington du Canada,

Our sincere thoughts are with the people of Japan and the friends and families of our Japanese students.

As you all know, ten of our students, two Harrington school staff, Mr. _ Mrs. Wada, as well as our school co-founder, Mrs. Mizuki Keightly, are from Japan, and their parents, families, and most of their friends are living there.  These ten students have asked the school administration to assist them in their support of the relief efforts.  The entire HCC student body, all teachers and coaches, together with all other staff and volunteers are now working together to create fundraising programs to aid Japan. As these programs come into fruition, I hope we can count on your support and make a difference for as many Japanese families as possible.

The first fundraising event will be held, at the HCC College AAA play-off game, on March 26th at the Centre of Excellence, in Boisbriand.  The Japanese-Canadian Cultural Center of Montreal will participate and all the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. Please support HCC in its efforts to aid the people of Japan!

Besides the joint fundraising efforts, the staff and students are coming together for another event, play-off hockey! The excitement is building in the hallways and classrooms, as he students are sharing their enthusiasm and excitement of the Midget AA’s play-offs.  The first game was played Thursday, and two buses, filled with students and staff, made sure the stands were filled with Harrington loyalist. The support was tremendous. Our highly appreciated staff-member, Beth Carter, had found time in her busy schedule to tie-dye special HCC play-offs t-shirts, and our equally popular teacher, Ms. Sargent, had mass-produced antenna head-bands with HCC logos. Everyone was in the best HCC spirit, as (for a change) blue and white were the dominating colors this St. Patrick’s Day.  By the way, the Midget AA team posted an impressive 8-1 victory!

The change to Daylight Saving Time this past weekend was handled without difficulty. The students do not attend classes until 9am on Monday morning, so they were not adversely affected by losing the 1 hour of sleep.  Certainly now, the students are thrilled with the extra hour of daylight.  Soon the students will begin to take their bicycles, and outdoor sports equipment from storage and the lawn at HCC will come alive each evening with activities.

Speaking of spring, the break is quickly approaching, and will give staff and students a well-deserved rest.  I’m sure everyone is aware of the spring break dates, but just in case, here they are one more time:  last day of school is Thursday, April 7, and classes begin again on Tuesday, April 26.

The #1 campus candy, these days, is Dorm Parent, Mrs. Wada’s, home-made desserts. Every Wednesday and Saturday, she disappears into the kitchen just to reappear at dinner-time with her lovely treats for the boys!  Thank you, Mrs. Wada, for making the campus life sweeter!

See you at the rink!


Bjorn Kinding

Schedule for the Week:

Thur. March 17th 19h00:  HCC Mt AA vs National playoff at Melancon bus depart: 16h00

Fri. March 18th 19h30:  Laflèche vs HCC Coll AAA at CESR 1 bus depart: 17h00

Fri. March 18th 19h00:  HCC Mt AA (if won Thursday) at Dorval bus depart: 16h00

Fri. March 18th 21h00:  HCC Mt AA (if lost Thursday) at Guimond bus depart: 18h30

Sun. March 20th 14h00: HCC Mt AA if lost and won or vice versa at CESR 2 bus depart: 12h00

Sun. March 20th 15h30: HCC Coll AAA vs St-Laurent at Ron Caron bus depart: 12h30

Sun. March 20th 16h00: Fun game to all students from 16h00 to 17h30 bus depart: 14h30

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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