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September 23 2010

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From the Desk of Bjorn Kinding September 23rd, 2010

Hockey PlayerGreetings from the Harrington Staff,
September is winding down, but one last weekend is sure to provide great hockey for our Harrington Hockey Teams.
If you are in driving distance or plan on visiting this weekend, make plans to attend as many games as possible.  There are 9 games scheduled this weekend and we invite you to attend.  We look forward to seeing you in the arena, cheering and supporting these players.  Hockey Director, Martin Daoust, encourages, inspires, and prepares the players to work hard on and off the ice in preparation for the games and teaches, “good results are the consequence of hard work.”
Congratulations to our college team on their first two wins. Winning their season opener and the following game as well, has created quite the excitement on campus.
At Monday morning assembly, the school janitor, Mr. Coiban, was applauded by the students for his great work in keeping our school clean. He and the students agreed on working together to make the school (home) even cleaner.  The boys are becoming more independent and beginning to take ownership of their own rooms.  We encourage all of them to take pride in their rooms, their school, and to participate in making that pride a reality.
At this time of the year, routines start to kick in.
I many ways, routines make the work more efficient, but they also make the work more monotone. The initial energy boost is starting to calm down, and our students are showing the first signs of fatigue. The mornings are getting chilly and darker, and a handful of students have even complained about a sore throat or a cold. This is the time, when the enthusiastic leadership from our teachers and coaches is extremely valuable and, if supported by parental encouragement, will bring the energy back and make the hard work feel easy.
We appreciate all of the phone calls, emails, and communication that you have with your children.  We know that your support and encouragement create positive actions and give that “parents touch” that all of our students need.
Bjorn Kinding

Fri Sept 24th 19h30 Coll AAA HCC vs St-Laurent at Ronald Caron bus depart: 16h00
Fri Sept 24th  Jr AA home game to be announced
Fri Sept 24th  Mt BB home game to be announced

Fri Sept 24th  Bt BB HCC vs Patriotes St-Eustache

Sat Sept 25th 17h00 Mt BB HCC vs Laval Est at St-Francois bus depart: 14h30
Sat Sept 25th 18h00 Jr AA HCC vs Boisbriand at Center Excellence rink1 depart: 16h00

Sun Sept 26th 14h00 Conquérant vs Mt AA HCC at CESR 2  bus depart: 12h00
Sun Sept 26th 16h00 St-Eustache vs Jr AA HCC at CESR 2 bus depart: 14h00
Sun Sept 26th 16h30 Bt AA HCC vs Seigneurs at Rosemere 1 bus depart: 14h00
Sun Sept 26th 17h00 Bt BB HCC vs Boisbriand at Ste-Therese bus depart 15h00

Bjorn Kinding, Headmaster
College Harrington du Canada
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